Reptaliens release new EP Wrestling

Portland’s duo Reptaliens share their EP Wrestling via Captured Tracks. The duo has always been known for their sci-fi, whimsical lyrical themes and theatrical stage shows, but on this EP they’re channeling more of their sophisticated darker synths side. Last month they shared their lyric video for ‘Taking‘ that American Songwriter describe as “apocalyptic” and a “gliding, whirring synth groove.”

Reptaliens’ Wrestling EP differs in two major ways from the groups previous releases: It is the first recording project engineered, produced, and mixed entirely by the songwriting duo of Bambi and Cole Browning. Also, it stylistically differs greatly from anything the band has released before, resulting in a darker and more emotive sound, opting for the heavy use of synths and drum machines in lieu of guitars and drum kits, and paying homage to the minimal wave sound of electronic post-punk.

Stream the EP now. 

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