Rozzma releases new single ‘Gheirek’

Egyptian sound artist Rozzma has released new single ‘Gheirek’ form his forthcoming Khatar Sayeb EP out December 4. “Gheirek talks about one’s struggle with being outcast,” Rozzma says. “It talks about the journey of finding the strength to believe in oneself and to fully understand one’s identity while completely ignoring and diminishing universal pressures to adapt pre-set identities. It talks about the will to abandon the fear of the future and the remorse of the past. It’s like cutting ties with safety nets in the middle of nowhere, specifically the ocean, and embracing uncertainty with courage.”

Rozzma is an Egyptian sound artist inspired by the era where sound preceded music –he finds inspiration in the similarities between the wilderness of prehistoric times and modern-day chaos. Having already performed his particular strain of music across the world and at festivals like Sonar and Unsound, Rozzma releases Khatar Sayeb with XL Recordings for the first time.

Rozzma’s world is one of status quos being challenged, whether that be the real world, the historical world or specifically in the world of music. Rozzma won’t let you settle with what you believe. Everything deserves to be challenged.

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