Shad releases new single ‘Storm’ and announces album TAO

Fresh off the heels of releasing two singles this autumn, ‘Out of Touch’ and ‘Work,’ Shad is thrilled to finally announce TAO – a brand-new album out October 1st on Secret City Records / Remote Control. To highlight this announcement, a third single and video is out now titled ‘Storm‘.

“Storm” is a feeling,” Shad tells us, “The feeling of a flood of memories.” He goes on: “In the same way that a storm is the result of forces that gather strength quietly, often invisibly over time—this song is meant to hold a sense of the same sort of process as it relates to the storms in our lives and the storms in our world. The way storms can build up almost imperceptibly in our individual and collective unconscious. The song touches on a range of personal and political storms, both good and bad, through a range of voices, but most importantly it sees them all as inextricably tied.” The song began as a chorus Shad heard in a dream and turned into a genre-less epic with the help of a crew of talented collaborators including the former official Canadian Poet Laureate, George Elliott Clarke.

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