Sleaford Mods announce new album Spare Ribs

Poised to blow the cobwebs off life and unleash some much-needed wit and charm upon us, Nottingham-based duo Sleaford Mods announce the release of their astonishing sixth studio album, entitled Spare Ribs, out via Rough Trade January 15th 2021.

New single, ‘Mork n Mindy’ featuring Billy Nomates is out now. The official video, which was directed by Ben Wheatley (whose latest body of work, Rebecca, is currently showing on Netflix and features a prominent cameo from frontman Jason Williamson) was filmed on location in Nottingham and in a replica of the house that Jason grew up. The band performed the track on Seth Meyers in the US last week and the host Seth played the single, recorded from the band’s 100 Club show in London earlier in September.

Jason says on the new track, “Mork n Mindy is the sound of the central heating and the dying smells of Sunday dinner in a house on an estate in 1982. Concrete, dinted garages, nicotine. Where beauty mainly exists in small cracks on the shell of your imagination. Captured perfectly in Ben Wheatley’s video for the song.

Spare Ribs is the sound of a band so sure of their own sonic terrain that they can now explore its outer regions. The album’s title, Jason says, emerged from “the idea of the amount of people that died from the first wave of coronavirus; human lives are always expendable to the elites… We’re in a constant state of being spare ribs.” Yet Sleaford Mods are an essential part of Britain’s musical anatomy.

Preorder Spare Ribs.

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