Spencer. shares ‘2much’

I wrote this song in LA back in July last year, where I was doing a bunch of sessions every day for a month straight. This specific day I had the studio to myself, and it was on a day when it was unusually hard to deal with the distance between me and my personal life in New York. It started with the guitar, and the rest wrote itself. It’s kind of about the battle between wanting a person to stay because of comfortability and knowing that you’d be better off without them.

2much‘ is never enough. Spencer. shares his second single since joining 4AD.

Hailing from Rochester, NY, 20yo  Spencer. credits the city’s rich and under-appreciated creative scene for fostering his growth as an artist. Dropping out of college in the summer of 2018 and relocating to Brooklyn, he gave himself a year to get his career off the ground. Less than twelve months later, he’d racked up millions of streams on Spotify with the singles ‘Want U Back’ and ‘To Be You.’

2much’ and last year’s ‘Automatic’ will both feature on his forthcoming EP, WAYS U LIKE.

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