Steve Gunn releases new album Other You, alongside single ‘Circuit Rider’

Steve Gunn has released his new album, Other You, alongside the third single from the project, ‘Circuit Rider‘ on Matador Records / Remote Control Records. ‘Circuit Rider’ continues to highlight the expanded range and depth of Gunn’s voice on Other You, with nimble melody and rich harmonies, as well as his ever-versatile playing style with shimmering slide and acoustic guitar interplay.

A featherlight touch coasts through the album – from the classical guitar and piano interplay and soulful baritone of the title track, nimble drum brush swing at the heart of ‘Fulton’ and ‘The Painter’, slow-burn kosmische rock of ‘Protection’, electric piano pulses and majestic tremolo stabs of ‘Reflection’, to the cascading harps of ‘Sugar Kiss’ – it is easily Gunn’s brightest and most life-affirming work to date.

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