Sui Zhen releases Losing, Linda

Sui Zhen’s new record Losing, Linda is out today! To celebrate she has shared the music video for ‘Matsudo City Life’.

Speaking about the video, Sui said “Where Perfect Place touches on the artificial in its pristine, dreamlike atmosphere – a rose tinted memory, Matsudo City Life is the gritty cityscape, reality with the cuts and bruises and darkness we too easily forget. The Red Room represents death and decay in contrast to the Perfect Place. It marks the shift between the two places in Japan I spent time writing music. My Sapporo experience being romanticised in memory as spacious, mountainous, peaceful – a meditative daily practice and the Matsudo one feeling stifled, claustrophobic, forgotten in the dilapidated glamour of an old love hotel.”

The album is also accompanied by a digital ecosystem, aiming to create an online world for listeners where they can interact in real-time with Linda. “It’s somewhere between a ghost, a memory, and a digital assistant” Sui Zhen explains. In other words, a perfect evocation of what Losing, Linda represents thematically and musically: a trip through the real and the uncanny. Losing, Linda is a lovingly personal and humanistic document of our ever-changing world, the things we lose along the way, and the insights we gain from loss itself. You can see the first stage of the digital ecosystem here:

Purchase / Stream Sui Zhen – Losing, Linda:

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