Sui Zhen shares new single Matsudo City Life

The world of Sui Zhen, expands once more. Enter ‘Matsudo City Life’ taken from her forthcoming album Losing, Linda out Friday 27 Septemberv ia Dot Dash. The track, inspired by Annie Lennox in the Eurhythmics ‘Love Is A Stranger’ era, The Cranberries’ ‘Dreams’ and ‘Linger’ era and Japanese City Pop of the late 80s, was captured in the city of Matsudo, Japan in a repurposed Love Hotel.

Zhen further explains, “the walls of the Love Hotel – titled ‘Paradise Air’ – were made of very thick concrete to keep loud noise in, which worked well for us musicians. Each room was uniquely themed. We were assigned one with faded pink and red tones, a love heart shaped bathtub and maroon carpet. Whilst the room we designated as ‘the studio’ was tiled with cool grey tones, marble and pillared. The city was what locals call a ‘sleeper town’ or bedroom community, which Salarymen would use only for rest. In some ways it was a city full of their dreams and empty of their reality.”

Listen to the single, and preorder the album here.

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