Sui Zhen – ‘Secretly Susan’ out today!

Yes!! Sui Zhen’s ‘Secretly Susan’ is out today via Dot Dash / Remote Control Records.

To celebrate the release, Sui Zhen will be playing tonight (28th August) at Polyester Records for a free, all ages instore!

Secretly Susan takes influence from Japanese lovers rock, 80s electro-bossanova and dubby-lounge pop which Becky discovered during holidays in Japan and London where she was a participant at the Red Bull Music Academy. Playing records as DJ Susan is a new outlet for Becky, allowing her to share the references and context that informs her distinct approach to music making.

In the release of Secretly Susan we can expect to be immersed in the larger narratives that surround Becky’s work. From the banal pastel dystopia of her ‘Infinity Street’ video to the invention of Susan, an alter ego who manifests in the forthcoming single ‘Take It All Back’ – these colourful, surreal and staged landscapes allow Becky’s take on pop music to sit within its own uncanny terrain.

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