The Finks announce new album Affectations

The Finks announce the release of Affectations on tape & digital on Friday 29th November and share first track & video ‘No One Else’ today.

The  Finks  play the songs of Oliver Mestitz. They are sincere but flippant, intimate but aloof, subtle but unpolished.

As Oliver writes about Affectations:
“The idea was to record a few covers and some originals using only equipment that could fit in a shoebox. This included a Tascam four-track, two microphones, a few leads and cassettes, and my mum’s Sony Walkman from the eighties (now defunct), which I used to record rehearsals and live shows with. Some of these recordings made it onto Affectations, as did some leftovers of old songs that were already on the tapes.”

Stream ‘No One Else’ here.

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