The Finks new album Affectations out now

The Finks release their new album Affectations on tape & digital today via Milk! Records / Remote Control. Catch The Finks launch the record at the Milk! Records Pop Up Shop in Melbourne on Saturday 30 November at 3pm. Check out the details here.

The  Finks  play the songs of Oliver Mestitz. They are sincere but flippant, intimate but aloof, subtle but unpolished. The Finks have released a steady stream of quietly uncompromising music via Milk! Records since 2012 – three EPs, three albums, a couple of singles and the latest tape Affectations, a collection of covers and instrumentals and found sounds. Critics have described The Finks as “crushingly beautiful” and “perhaps the most underrated act in Australian music”.

As Oliver writes about Affectations:
“The idea was to record a few covers and some originals using only equipment that could fit in a shoebox. This included a Tascam four-track, two microphones, a few leads and cassettes, and my mum’s Sony Walkman from the eighties (now defunct), which I used to record rehearsals and live shows with. Some of these recordings made it onto Affectations, as did some leftovers of old songs that were already on the tapes.

I began recording these songs as a bridge between my last “real” album and the next, but over time they took on the shape of an album in its own right. Although I treasure the contributions of Finks regulars Matt and Sarah, as well as Lehmann B Smith on clarinet, it’s best to think of and listen to Affectations as one prolonged moment – an exercise in intimacy.”

Purchase / Stream ‘Affectations’ here.

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