The Finks release ‘The moment the world rushed in’

The Finks play the songs of Oliver Mestitz. They are sincere but flippant, intimate but aloof, subtle but unpolished. This week, they announce The moment the world rushed in releasing on Friday 24th September via Milk! Records / Remote Control Records.

Five instrumentals envelope the title track, the only song with vocals, to create a cocoon of warm noise for the hushed refrain. As Oliver explains: The hungry ghosts came to me and said: Make MIDI music. Which is how this all started. Some songs took a while to come; I had to sort of coax them into being. I was spending a lot of time trying to learn sad jazz standards and fiddling around with a MIDI keyboard on my laptop. I didn’t get very far with the standards but I did pick up a few woozy modulations that made their way into this song.

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