The Finks share new EP The moment the world rushed in + video for single ‘I could have stayed’

The Finks play the songs of Oliver Mestitz. They are the hidden gem of Melbourne’s DIY music scene – sincere but flippant, intimate but aloof, subtle but unpolished. Today, they release The moment the world rushed in via Milk! Records / Remote Control Records. 

Recorded in a tiny, sun-filled apartment during a pandemic, this “non-album” is an introvert’s consolation – a meticulously arranged collection of digital and analogue sounds, heartbreaking melodies and private enthusiasms. A musical beachcomber, Oliver Mestitz has turned his songwriter’s ear to building textures – synth blips and cassette loops, plucked cello and organ drones, brushed drumheads and mellotron flute, fiddly guitars and mournful clarinet – that intermingle and unravel like thoughts at the edge of dreaming. The moment the world rushed in is a lullaby for houseplants, a pebble in a pocket, the sound of a curious mind working on a whim.

Mestitz writes about the second single, ‘I could have stayed‘: “I had the first of many synth epiphanies when I heard Mikey Young’s soundtrack to the film Strange Colours. That was the impetus for the arpeggiated synth line in this song. The percussion is mostly me shaking a bag of gumnuts.”

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