This Is The Kit release ‘Coming To Get You Nowhere’

This Is The Kit are pleased to announce their new single ‘Coming to Get You Nowhere‘. This is the second track taken from her forthcoming fifth album Off Off On which will be released by Rough Trade Records Friday 23 October.

The single was premiered yesterday via Triple R’s Breaking and Entering program. Kate Stables of This Is The Kit explains the meaning behind the video and the song:

We made from footage of our friend’s car getting stuck when they came to visit us during our rehearsal time just before we went into the studio to make Off Off On. It felt like a car getting stuck and people having to work together and ask for help to get it unstuck was a fitting story to accompany this song, which is itself about getting stuck and the ways we can help or hinder ourselves when it comes to getting out of unhealthy patterns. Making this video has been really nice for me during this time of not being able to get together with the rest of the band. I miss them and the time we spent together making Off Off On so it’s been great to hang out with them in video form. Not as good as the real thing of course but comforting none the less.”

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