This Is The Kit release Off Off Oddities EP

This Is The Kit are pleased to release a 7-track EP titled Off Off Oddities on Rough Trade Records. As the follow up to last year’s Off Off On EP (which reached 21 in the UK album charts), and featuring lead single ‘Keep Going (Desert Island Version)’, the new project showcases the band’s inner workings and craftsmanship with gorgeous instrumentals, alternate versions and exclusive cuts.

Kate on the EP: “In the making of an album there are inevitably bits and bobs that don’t get used. And sometimes you feel like sharing them with folks to kind of show a bit the story and geology and important people who played a part in the album’s making and releasing.”
On ‘Bad Feeling’, a Muzz cover, Kate notes: “Another recording from the sessions we did with the French team Lucien Chatin and Romain Vasset and Jesse. This is a song that I got really obsessed with during the first part of the pandemic. It was a real soothing balm during such a mental time. So, it felt like a nice idea to try and learn to play it. It was kind of a last-minute idea to make a recording of it and Lucien and Romain learned it quickly and played it beautifully. Very happy memories.”

Stream / Download This Is The Kit – Off Off Oddities.

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