Tim Cohen announces new album – The Modern World + shares

Tim Cohen announces the forthcoming release of a new album The Modern World, out on September 28. It marks is his first entirely self-recorded record since 2011’s Magic Trick. Alongside the announcement, Cohen shares the first single, ‘Goodness’, listen below!

On the single, Cohen notes “like many of my songs, ‘Goodness’ spills forth as a plea of sorts. A mixture between happy and sad. A contented malaise. Throw in the dissonant synth stabs over the sing-along chorus. It just feels like goodness to me”

Tim Cohen’s obsession with making music as a means to turn nothing into something has become something of a need. This need has driven him to release close to 30 full length records over the past decade.

The Modern World was recorded at home over the course of a restless and fruitful year. The birth of his second child, coupled with the constant juggle of a fledgling painting career and a day job, allowed strains of anxiety into the artist’s vision, and he relished those rare moments of silence, when he could coop up in his attic recording space and press record.

The result is a visceral, raw yet clear amalgamation of Cohen’s utmost paranoias and deepest joys. The years of practicing restraint and patience in the studio has paid dividends here. The Modern World is bold and urgent-sounding, structured and sequenced to highlight Cohen’s most interesting sonic moments. Pre-order The Modern World here.

Stream / purchase ‘Goodness’: https://timcohen.lnk.to/-goodness

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