Leading into the end of the year, ANOHNI shares a video for her newest album’s title track. ‘HOPELESSNESS’ is a song that demonstrates how a cry of despair can transform into a call for re-engagement doubled and tripled in a mix whose rhythms recall South African freedom songs, it deconstructs the process of uplift arising from the ashes of grief. Watch the new visual below.

“I am a human, a warm-blooded creature. I love the kaleidoscopic faces of life on earth. Yet my species is aggressively destroying biodiversity and poisoning the biosphere. It is hard to accept myself. I feel like I am behaving like a virus. I keep lying to myself in order to continue forward.” ANOHNI said about the new video.

Filmmaker Alexander Carver, who directed the video for Hopelessness, describes it as such, Medieval barbarism and fascistic architecture haunt the fever dream of an anonymous corporate woman. Within the dream, distant past and distant futures are irrationally fused in a bizarre, iconic vision of martyrdom where animals are citizens and people are drones.

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