Watch – Banoffee ‘Ripe’

Banoffee has shared a new video for her single ‘Ripe’. Created alongside ‘I’m Not Sorry’ video collaborators, Coco and Maximilian, and featuring performers Aisha and Briana, watch it below!

Banoffee says “I wanted to showcase the friendships I’ve made and the light heartedness that comes with making clanky pop music.” The video is also a reflection on the current, new state of Banoffee: “This video works to express the polarities of Banoffee, the different elements that together form an entity that’s grown and morphed so much since it first began. Like the foundations of this song, the video explores different textures, personalities and aims to blur the line between wonder and eeriness.”

Banoffee is an attempt to show up the disgustingness of consumerism by making mainstream pop sound so sickly sweet that it becomes sour. With ‘Ripe’, she challenges you to an acquired taste your gut might not be ready for yet. Suck it and see.

Listen / purchase ‘Ripe’:

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