Watch: Braids – Apple

Canadian art rock band Braids release their new single ‘Apple,’ the latest peek at their forthcoming album Euphoric Recall out April 28th. Among the most joyous moments in the Braids discography, ‘Apple’ is a bubbling anthem of symphonic shoegaze, a celebration of seeing new possibilities in the eyes of a lover, acknowledging past loss with a new state of heart that’s been opened and filled.

Singer Raphaelle Standell-Preston sings of sweet sentiment on ‘Apple’ that’s mirrored in the bursting instrumentation recorded live off the floor. Percussionist Austin Tufts marches and taps with feel-good intent evoking early Animal Collective while Taylor Smith’s arpeggiated synth sequence plays aggressively off the softer sonics for a heightened, sparkling shoegaze effect.

Pre-order / Pre-save Euphoric Recall here.

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