Watch: Cavallo Nero ‘Chi-Co-La’

Cavallo Nero are back with an electric new single ‘Chi-Co-La’. A dizzying combination of brass and animalia fill the air, staining the walls and pressing up against the ceilings, the chandelier swinging to the rhythm of the lion’s drum. Every bird in the building flocks to the dance floor, feathers rising and falling with the beat. Finally, the frenzy erupts into chanting delirium, ‘Chi-Co-La’.

For those who need a refresher – Cavallo Nero are a Melbourne-based trio dressed for the occasion. Formed in the summer of 2019 by three members of live-show sweat-stalwarts Total Giovanni, this new project delves deeper into clubland and the after-hours – all that the strobe light touches and the smoke machine envelopes. 

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears ready for forthcoming remixes of ‘Chi-Co-La’ by musical legend Spod and Total Giovanni’s Frank Topaz.

Listen / purchase ‘Chi-Co-La’ here.

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