Watch: Homeshake – ‘Nothing Could Be Better’

Homeshake, the project of Peter Sagar, shares new single ‘Nothing Could Be Better’ from his upcoming record Helium, released February 15th. Watch the accompanying video below!

Sagar says the song is about how “sometimes on the way to a social function you gotta ditch and hang out with your sweety instead because love is beautiful.” While the video director Steve Smith “tried really hard [to capture] the dancing” in the animated clip.

Sagar puts down roots in aesthetic territory all his own. Landscape that he once viewed from a distance now forms the bedrock of his sound, and from here, he looks back out at the world as if through a light fog, composing songs that feel grounded and intimate, even as they explore a dispersed feeling of isolation.

Helium was recorded and mixed by Sagar alone in his apartment in Montreal’s Little Italy neighborhood between April and June this year.

Helium is a record made by someone who doesn’t feel beholden to any particular set of sounds, textures, or instruments to get his point across. In that sense, it feels closer to the bone, at once assured of its vision and remarkably vulnerable. It’s perhaps our purest view yet of Homeshake’s home country.

Listen / purchase ‘Nothing Could Be Better’:

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