Watch: Huntly – My Limits

Ahead of the release of their sophomore album Sentimental Still on Friday, 3rd February, Melbourne-based genre-melders Huntly reveal their final single ‘My Limits’.

The slow-burner is a raw track reminiscent of their 2019 AMP and AIR Award-nominated debut Low Grade Buzz. Dreamy and delicate, ‘My Limits’ employs a sparse synth-scape alongside a sample of children playing as the bed for vocalist Elspeth Scrine’s modulated lyrics. Scrine says of the track’s meaning “It’s just a raw journal entry really, capturing me figuring out my limits – the limits of what I’m capable of, how much I can give, how much I can take. I wrote it years ago when I was in Berlin, on the same trip when I wrote Hit It Hard and Undertage. My dear friend Roy and I blew all our money on a fancy Airbnb that had a magnificent old piano – there was only one bed, but I was happy to sacrifice a bed for a piano, and I slept on the couch for weeks.”

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