Watch – Jarrow ‘$$ Spoilers $$’

Melbourne’s Jarrow has released a hilarious video for ‘$$ Spoilers $$’

$$ Spoilers $$ reveals an as-yet unseen side of the prolific and enigmatic Jarrow. The single is an astonishingly creative mix of self-produced garage-pop, tongue-in-cheek humor and flourishes of psychadelia – all performed and mixed by Dan Oke aka Jarrow.

The hilarious/absurd video for $$ Spoilers $$ (premiered via Noisey ) was written and conceived in a month, filmed in a week and edited in an afternoon – again, by Jarrow himself.

In his words “I took a chance to write a narrative that loosely followed with the lyrics of the song but in a completely different context. My friends Mitch Cassin (Scout) Yura Iwama (Culte) and Rhys Renwick (Woo Who/Rhysics) star in the video and put up with me covering them in tomato sauce and doing a really bad job at explaining the plot to them.”

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