Watch: Lucinda Chua – An Ocean

London-based artist Lucinda Chua returns to share the new song and accompanying self-directed short film, ‘An Ocean’ , from her upcoming debut solo album YIAN, out March 24th. ‘An Ocean’ marks the starting point for the next chapter of YIAN, seeing Chua reconcile with the past and move their attention to the present in this emotionally raw and vulnerable track and short film.

The ocean represents a simultaneous state of pressure and weightlessness for Chua, with the feeling of moving through and pushing against the resistance of the water embodying the way we express our “chi”, our energetic life force, through intentionality and movement. The music video, directed by Chua and shot on-location with cinematographer Milo Van Giap during an artist residency in Mallorca in the freezing December cold, embodies this “surrendering of the ego”.

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