Watch: Lucinda Chua ‘Golden’

Lucinda Chua presents ‘Golden’: a self-produced song about identity and representation, accompanied by a short film co-created with director Tash Tung. Written from the perspective of her younger self, ‘Golden’ is an intimate and heartfelt meditation on identity in the absence of a role model. Watch below!

Who do I turn to, when I don’t look like you?”, Chua whispers softly, a quiet, uncertain call to the universe. “When the sunlight hits me / I’m golden you’ll see.” Joined by a chorus of friends, musicians Laura Groves and Fran Lobo, their voices conjoin lifting the song into a luminous, anthemic entreaty to Chua’s younger self. “To be the first, to be the first”, they sing together, underscored by Chua’s uplifting string arrangements.

Stream / purchase ‘Golden’ here.

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