Watch: SOAK ‘purgatory’

Bridie Monds-Watson, aka SOAK shares ‘purgatory’, the second single from their third album If I Never Know You Like This Again. Listen to ‘purgatory’ and watch the accompanying video shot by Ellius Grace below!

Bridie explains “’purgatory’ is about the weight of time and the perpetual fear of reaching the end of your life, unsatisfied with how you’d spent it. The song came out of a slump phase, I wasn’t really a fan of myself and honestly just felt rather lost. In ways that felt like it’s own purgatory. I was trying to figure out how to make myself feel better, become a ‘better version’ of myself.  So I guess whilst this song is about panic, it’s equally about the pursuit of change.”

SOAK’s Bridie Monds-Watson (they/them) has incessantly documented their life in photos and video from a young age. It makes perfect sense then that If I Never Know You Like This Again is made up of what Bridie calls “song-memories”. Having written much of the new album during the pandemic, when time felt at its slowest, Bridie’s obsessive need to document each chapter of their life made a marvel of the mundane.

Listen / purchase ‘purgatory’ here.
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