Watch – Sui Zhen ‘Hangin’ On’

Sui Zhen has shared her new clip for ‘Hangin’ On’ premiered over at NPR. The track is taken from Secretly Susan, released via Dot Dash/Remote Control in Australia and New Zealand and TwoSyllable Recordings in North America. Watch it below!

The ‘Hangin’ On’ music video continues the story of Susan. We find her in a dream, a billowy satin room where we encounter pieces of the world we know Susan inhabits. Pastels, foliage, her beloved egg and saccharine pink drink. All the familiar sensations of Susan’s world but where is Susan? Something is carrying her mind elsewhere. In a forest by a stream, we meet some new characters. They resemble the human essence in its purest form, the very thing Susan is missing. Susan joins the Woodlings and finds happiness in the natural world.

It is about the illusory digital ephemera that we use to sculpt our personas, how easily things can appear to seem real, and then in an instant, disappear. We can invent and reinvent personas, give birth to or kill our avatars in seconds. But those fragments of our previous selves can never completely go away. This video plays on the reality of Susan, her identity and it slowly becoming lost in [cyber]space.

The setting is eerie, perhaps like Tralfamadore, where all things exist concurrently, a moment in time. It’s also a stage, a blank canvas – a theatrical space where stories are invented and performed. The audience is a passive observer, as Susan ‘hangs on’ to her very existence.


Wed 15 March
Cascine x Arbutus Party – appearing as DJ Susan (Sui Zhen)
Details here.

Fri 17 March
Sound Gallery @ Brush Square Park
SXSW Offical Showcase @ Iron Bear
Details here.

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