Watch: Total Giovanni – ‘Comes In Waves’

Total Giovanni are thrilled to share their new single ‘Comes In Waves’. The track arrives accompanied by a new music video, watch below!

Of the track, co-frontman Vachel Spirason explains “The lyrics came in bursts. Each section reflects a moment of becoming conscious of something. The feeling of being outside yourself. The song is different in that it doesn’t have a chorus – just three different verses with instrumental breaks that have their own feel. Conceptually, the whole song itself is sort of structured like a wave form, moving up and down whilst also moving forward with increasing intensity until it finally explodes.”

Informed by the Jungian concept of the ‘shadow,’ the video depicts Total Giovanni’s two frontmen existing in a black and white dreamscape. As they begin to perform, and the song increases in intensity, their shadows eventually grow in strength and number. It’s a testament to the band’s ability to strike the balance between groove-driven energy and a sense of dark foreboding.

Total Giovanni emerged out of the creative experimentation of five old friends Vachel Spirason, Julian Rawendra, Joe Charles, Dave Reidy and Matthew Hadley. With varied backgrounds in music, dance and theatre the band played their first show in November 2013 and quickly built a formidable reputation for their unpredictable and incendiary live shows.

This year, Total Giovanni will release their debut album. Keep your eyes peeled. They are also announced for the national Expo Liaison festival tour. Full dates and tour info below!

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Expo Liaison Festival Tour

Sat 18th August – Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne

Sat 19th August – Claremont Oval, Perth

Sat 25th August – Parramatta Park, Sydney

Sun 26th August – Victoria Park, Brisbane

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