Watch – U.S. Girls ‘Mad As Hell’

Meg Remy, the unapologetic pop revisionist, known as U.S. Girls, has just dropped a new video for her song ‘Mad As Hell’. Directed by Remy and Emily Pelstring, the video pieces together historic patriotic and military imagery. Watch it below!

The wall-of-sound arrangement and throbbing disco beat along with Remy’s radiant voice make a candy-coated Trojan horse for her powerful call to action for pacifism and impassioned critique of military spending.

Remy performs throughout the video duplicated in synchronised dance moves flipping off her subjects recalling backup dancers of ‘60s pop girl groups. ‘Mad As Hell’ is off U.S. Girls’ follow up to 2015’s album Half Free. Stay tuned for more details on the album.

Listen / purchase ‘Mad As Hell’:

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