Widowspeak share video for new single ‘While You Wait’ from forthcoming album The Jacket

Widowspeak share ‘While You Wait‘, the second single off their forthcoming sixth studio album The Jacket, to be released March 11 via Captured Tracks / Remote Control Records. The track features Mellotron plug-in flutes drifting over a hypnotic and buoyant motif, and an angular chorus that repeats the phrase “while you wait, we’ll have it done today.” 

The duo (Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas) say, “the song itself is maybe one of the more narrative remnants from when the album might have been a true concept record; it’s sort of the opening credits scene, when the main character is going to their job and seeing the shift change of the city in the very early morning. Then in the second verse, they are leaving work and seeing nightlife start up again.  Those simultaneous experiences are like cities within a city; there’s always someone ending their day as someone else’s is starting.  It’s also about the day-to-day work that supports more creative pursuits, and how when that’s out of balance it can feel like you are on the outside looking in.” 

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