Widowspeak shares new album The Jacket & short documentary

Widowspeak share their sixth studio album via Captured Tracks / Remote Control Records. In addition to the album release, the band has shared a short documentary, called “The Band is Called Widowspeak,” shot on film, directed by Michael Stasiak, about the making of the record, their influences, and rediscovering the heart of New York.
Widowspeak on The Jacket: “To us, The Jacket feels like the most natural expression of all the ideas and sounds and influences we’ve been exploring since we started, and how we work together.  The songs just felt right, and came really easily to us after finishing Plum”

Of the duo’s documentary, Stasiak shares: “The period of time when I shot this footage – from January through June of 2021 – felt like time travel, because it was so similar to the rhythms of our lives when Widowspeak first started: running all around the city with Molly and Rob, hanging out and sharing songs we liked, biking to rehearsals, talking about bands and what it means to be one, dashing to odd jobs or classes…but mostly that joyous feeling of sharing trust inside a dark practice space, and riding towards a common goal.

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