Boss Battle Records release Bright Paw

Boss Battle Records are pleased to release the video game soundtrack for Bright Paw.

Bright Paw by Radical Forge (UK) and published by Rogue Games Inc (US) is a narrative-driven puzzle game in which you play as Theo, the cat of a supervillain who has just been murdered. Game day release TBC. Pre-order via Steam.

The custom soundtrack by Will Bedford is filled with calming piano, and hybrid electro-orchestral soundscapes. Lead single ‘Escape’ is an indie pop ballad featuring London act FADES. FADES’ lead singer Hero Baldwin describes the process of writing her debut song for a video game: “Writing a song is something that as a topliner I’ve usually had quite a lot of artistic license with, playing with themes or concepts that can be as ambiguous or as up front as I like.

However, working with the Bright Paw team, the song had certain parameters from the outset – condensing a really well written script and delivering the secrets behind the game. I don’t think I’ve ever spent so long on lyrics – I totally immersed myself into the character I was playing and tried to write the viewpoint as best I could. Listening back to the finished article, I’m so, so happy. I hope listeners will hear the pain and the triumph. Working with Will Bedford on this track has been a career highlight, he is ridiculously talented.”

FADES (pictured) are an English alternative pop trio formed in 2018. Songwriter and vocalist Hero Baldwin met brothers Nick and Luke through mutual friends in West London in 2017. The trio spent the summer writing, performing and travelling together whilst documenting their journey online. After attracting interest from Brighton based producer Chris Hutchison during a string of London shows, the band began putting together their first string of singles. FADES worked with vocal producer Tom Fuller and mixing engineer Nick Powell to record their debut single ‘Waterfall’ and second track ‘Wasted’. The band have currently amassed over a million streams on DSPs with songs synced on BBC, ITV & Universal NBC.

Will Bedford (UK) has composed music for video games since 2014. His work includes games such as Kyn, TinyKeep, and BAFTA shortlisted Sublevel Zero. Will is a developer of over 30 commercial sample libraries for Cinesamples, Embertone, and Fracture Sounds, as well as custom sample instruments for scores such Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

Stream / Purchase Bright Paw OST.

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