John Moreland signs to 4AD, announces new album + shares the first single

John Moreland’s new album Big Bad Luv is an honest, bruising experience. A record about love, faith and the human condition, it’s the first full-length released to worldwide anticipation on May 5th and his debut for 4AD / Remote Control. To celebrate, John Moreland has shared the first track from Big Bad Luv, ‘It Don’t Suit Me (Like Before)’. Listen below.

Moving from Kentucky to Tulsa when he was ten years old, John fronted hardcore and punk bands throughout high school years before feeling the pull of the lyricism he heard in folk and country music; “I was 19 in 2004, and Steve Earle had put out The Revolution Starts Now, and I remember hearing the song ‘Rich Man’s War’ and totally feeling like somebody just punched me in the chest”. Moreland has been chasing the ‘chest punch’ ever since, releasing largely self-produced albums every other year since 2011.

His fourth album, Big Bad Luv, was recorded in Little Rock, AK, and mostly with a crew of Tulsa friends: John Calvin Abney (piano and guitar), Aaron Boehler (bass), Paddy Ryan (drums), Jared Tyler (dobro) and Lucero’s Rick Steff (piano). Coming together in three sessions over ten months, which were sandwiched between touring dates and life, the final album was then mixed by GRAMMY winning Tchad Blake.

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