Milwaukee Banks share video for ‘Reincarnated’

Melbourne based hip-hop / electronic duo Milwaukee Banks have today released their debut record Deep Into The Night via Dot Dash / Remote Control Records. To celebrate, the pair have shared an incredible video for ‘Reincarnated.’

Dyl and Edo explain the inspiration behind the track: 
“We like exploring the supernatural as inspiration for new material. The idea of reincarnation is spiritual (something we truly believe in) but it’s also reflected in the cyclical nature of society. We’re rebirthing the good and the bad, over and over again. We’ve seen it all before but we can’t break this cycle. You wonder if the world is even changing for the better sometimes. Or if it’s changing at all. ‘I open up my eyes I can see them telling lies’.

“We were really into the idea and vision Jono had for the video, taking the concept of reincarnation on a philosophical and spiritual level, and turning that idea into something fictional using elements of the real world.”

From Director Jonathon Lim:
“When I first saw Dyl’s explanation of the track, I immediately began to think of cultures that embrace reincarnation. I was in the airport in Malaysia, which has a huge Indian population, so my mind began ticking with everyone around me.

Reincarnation is one of the core beliefs of Hinduism. In Varanasi, in the North of India, it is believed that sins accumulated in previous lives can disappear if one dies there. Resulting in over 300 bodies cremated on the banks every day.

It’s an interesting challenge to be able to take something as different as Hindu Cremation ceremonies from the North of India and recreate it in an inner city Melbourne context.”

You can stream and purchase the record here.

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