MOURN release ‘Call You Back’

MOURN have released a new single ‘Call You Back’. It’s cloaked in catchy indie rock melodies, and articulates a universal experience in the simplest, most poignant terms. Maybe we need that now more than ever.

It’s hard to believe that Mourn wrote the line “it’s so hard to call you back, but so easy for me to start panicking” before the onset of a global pandemic, but they’ll assure you that their new single has been finished for months. Unable to shoot the music video they’d had in mind because of Spain’s shelter-in-place mandate, the members of Mourn decided to lean in, recording themselves from home and editing the footage to look like a video call. The irony that the video for a song about phone anxiety would end up being filmed (and best viewed) on a smartphone is not lost on them.

A lot’s changed for the Catalan three-piece since the release of Sorpresa Familia, their boisterous 2018 record, that was praised by Pitchfork complementing their “newfound maturity of songcraft without sacrificing youthful energy” and NPR saying “equal parts joy and rage.” They’ve undergone a lineup change (drummer Antonio Postius left the band in 2019), distanced themselves from their former Spanish label, and done a fair amount of growing up. As a result, they don’t feel as angry as they did on Sorpresa – their new music is brighter, borne of a more peaceful, collaborative creative process. New single ‘Call You Back,’ with its buoyant guitar and sunny vocal harmonies, exemplifies this shift.

Stream ‘Call You Back’ here.

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