Out now: 1010 Benja – Two Houses

In 2017 an enigmatic artist known only to the world as 1010 Benja SL debuted his delightfully perplexing single ‘Boofiness’. A year later he reemerged to release his second single, the wide-ranging song ‘WindUp Space’. With his return today he releases a larger body of work, his debut project: Two Houses.

Composed entirely of music created and sung by the midwestern born and raised artist 1010 Benja SL, Two Houses is a singular, introductory body of work that will allow the listener to finally get a glimpse into the pleromatic world of 1010 Benja SL.

The six songs on Two Houses comprise a raw and undressed snapshot into 1010 Benja SL’s dual nature, as he describes: “The Two Houses are the houses of contradiction; the left and right brain, the loving and fearing heart, the long and short end of the stick. The idea is that there is some relief to be found, some peace to be felt and shared, in those shifting moments when the margins blur and opposite ideas are able to (or are forced to) coexist.”

Welcome inside and enjoy your stay.

Listen / purchase Two Houseshttps://1010benjasl.lnk.to/twohouses

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