The Finks announce new album Rolly Nice + share ‘Body Language’

The Finks announce their new album Rolly Nice to be released Friday 25 May. Today they have shared the first cut from the record ‘Body Language’. Watch the accompanying video below!

The Finks play the songs of Oliver Mestitz, who records everything in his Melbourne home, layering instrument upon instrument and mixing each song straight to tape.

As Oliver describes “‘Body Language’ started as a melody that I misheard Sarah humming to herself. It stuck with me and I wrote the lyrics a few months later, sitting up the back of a bus. It’s about a woman, the narrator, being hit on at a dinner party. It’s a rebuff song, or at least what could have been a rebuff had the narrator come up with it sooner.

I cobbled together the film clip using footage that Sarah’s family (mostly her Mum) shot on 8mm film in the mid-nineties. My family also had an 8mm video camera when I was growing up and I remember making videos of my brother pretending to be Steve Irwin in the backyard. I like the wobbly pans and zooms, the sickly bright colours, the mottled edges. It’s not perfect but that’s not the point.”

No Finks release would be complete without Sarah Farquharson, who sings, plays cello and reads on Rolly Nice. The album also includes vocals and guitar by Jake Core (Soda Eaves). It was mixed by Oliver at home and mastered in Rye with Mikey Young.

Rolly Nice is a patient, wilful and poignantly imperfect album. Each physical copy comes with a booklet featuring lyrics, collages and micro-poems by Oliver. The album is now available for pre-order here.

Stream / purchase ‘Body Language’:

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